Shannon Wolfe is a Brooklyn-based Producer and Production Manager. She is currently working with Part 2 Pictures and journalist Tony Harris on the premiere season of SCENE OF THE CRIME WITH TONY HARRIS, now airing on Investigation Discovery.

She also collaborates with journalist Lisa Ling on the documentary series THIS IS LIFE, an award-winning show airing on CNN.  She has produced programming that’s gained access to a state-of-the-art police surveillance center, an undercover DEA agent on patrol, and some of the most senior officials in the Mormon Church as they discussed prescription drug addiction amongst the faithful. In each of these uniquely sensitive situations, she's forged relationships that have resulted in fascinating television watched by millions of viewers. 

Shannon began working on the Oprah Winfrey Network's award-winning OUR AMERICA WITH LISA LING in 2011 and has covered the underground world of BDSM, gun violence in Philadelphia, sex trafficking in our nation's capital, and other uniquely American stories.